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Eduard van Eijk

Started his Agency  Marcom career in 1991 at Aegisafter having worked for nearly ten years in the film and music industry.
At Aegis he headed up the central and eastern European division, later to include Russia. In 1996 he joined BBDO Group, while Partner and Managing director Media Group Germany and member of the German BBDO Board, he spent months restructuring Omnicom´s Chinese Media Operations. As head of GFMO Germany in late 1997 he became CEO and Chairman OMD. Group Germany and Vice-Chairman Europe in 1998. In 2001 as CEO of Media-Edge Group Germany he joined its WW Board.

In 2007 started his experience at DDB´s Corporate consulting Division „Bernbach Consulting“, which he started up with Anton Hildmann, here he was primarily advising Companies on Brand leadership, warehousing, distribution and marketing and communication. In 2011 he became an independent consultant, he worked on a project by client basis for such companies as Ants-Effective, Agenta,” Deutsches Institut für Markenbewertung” und Seven Sages Ag.

B2B a.o. Daimler space and Weapon systems, Bosch Siemens
eschäftsführer GroupM.

Client experience:
Brand strategy:  f. i. Hexal, Ratiopharm, Daimler and Daimler Chrysler w.W., Smart WW.(WW brand strategy for both, inc in the USA!!) .

B2C: Peugot Citroen, H&M C&A, Beiersdorf, Tchibo, Nederlands Zuivel buro, Electronic Partner, Apple,

As regards Marcomstrategy and its  implementation I was very fortunate to be able to advice a  number of clients
in the Luxury goods sector such as, Channel, LVMH, Coty- Lancaster.
I furthermore had the pleasure of advising a substantial number of Leading banks both German 
and international on B2C marcomstrategy and implementation, locally and internationally.  

B2B: a.o. Daimler space and Weapon systems, Bosch Siemens

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